The exclusive IoT event at Sydney Design 2014

The Protiotype Internet of Things product design exhibition at Central Park Mall. Part of Sydney Design 2014.


noun /'pro-tee-oh-type'/

The first example of an artefact that is connected to the internet, such as a machine or other industrial product from which all later forms are developed: a protiotype for/of a new smart, connected product.

Protiotype was the exclusive Internet of Things event at Sydney Design 2014. The exhibition was held at Central Park Mall - a new retail shopping mall and residential lifestyle precinct in the heart of Sydney.

This setting provided the ideal venue to engage a young, educated demographic of early adopters eager to explore this new technology paradigm that sits at the intersection of consumer electronics, the internet and design.

2014 Exhibitors:

Jawbone | UP24 fitness band
Blue Maestro | Tempo blue-tooth smart thermometer
Skulpt | Aim the first true fitness tracker
Autographer | The world's first wearable camera
Lechal | The world's first interactive haptic footwear
Bellabeat | Pregnancy tracking app and Fetal heartbeat monitor
Bleepbleeps | A family of little friends that make parenting easier
Sphero | The app controlled ball that does it all
Curator Company | Curator habitus prototype
PABensen: NTU Innovation Centre | SociaLight
Bert Bongers: UTS Interactivation Studio
Solidifier | Australia's first maker space for hardware startups
Trent Brooks | Harpas Night Light 2014

Beyond the Internet of Things the exhibition provided a showcase for Modn Media's partners to demonstrate innovative technologies to the 3,000 consumers who attended.

David Burden CEO of iProximity and CTO, Rohan Lean, discuss NFC TapBoards with journalist Tess Bennett.

David Burden the CEO of iProximity and Rohan Lean, CTO, discuss NFC TapBoards with journalist Tess Bennett.

iProximity installed QR codes, beacons, NFC tags alongside their new invention NFC TapBoards - Read the story on - These technologies enabled visitors to access the exhibitions supporting online content. The NFC tags were well received by visitors to the event with more visitors interacting via NFC tag than QR code or beacon.

Objective Experience performed an eye tracking demonstration and explained how eye tracking technology is used in the design process.

A selfie tweeted from the Twitter Mirror by a visitor to the exhibition.

Twitter - who were a sponsor of the show - installed their 'Twitter Mirror' so that visitors could tweet selfies live from the exhibition.


Solidifier, Australia's first maker space for start-ups, exhibited a drone and a miniature CNC mill which intrigued the hundreds of engineers and designers who visited the show.

Our 2014 Event Sponsors and Partners: